Vein Gel

JUST Vein Gel stimulates tired, heavy legs with long-lasting effect. The nurturing gel with natural extracts from horse chestnut, butcher's broom and antenna-ria has a stimulating effect when combined with a gentle massage and supports the preservation of veins with good circulation. Cooling menthol alleviates the legs in an instant. Spider veins and varicose veins are visually concealed through mineral pigments. The legs are tangibly fresher and lighter; the skin is ideally supported and moisturised.

Product ID: 2000598


  • Stimulation of tired, heavy legs with weak veins with direct and long-lasting freshness effect
  • Rapid absorption without oily consistency (non-greasy)
  • The skin is strengthened and vitalised, the burden on the legs relieved
  • Ensures a feather-light leg feeling
  • Mineral pigments visually conceal spider veins and varicose veins
  • Is suitable for gentle massage of the legs that stimulates circulation
  • Free of paraffins, silicones, parabens

How to Use

Apply the gel from the foot in the direction of the thigh and gently massage in. The application can be used several times a day if required.

You can also apply this vein care on your stockings (up to DEN 20). This even intensifies the cooling effect and is practically in use on the go.


To support the cooling effect: Store the vein gel in the fridge before use.

Size: 100ml