Thyme Cream

Thyme Cream is a multi-purpose natural herbal cream that can be used to soothe the respiratory tract and treat muscle spasms. The cream impart a sense of liberation and purification of the respiratory tract, while increasing a pleasant warm sensation on the skin and overall well-being.

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This high-quality JUST Thyme herbal cream is a sought-after helper, especially during the cold period.

The intense, aromatic scent makes it easier to breathe deeply. A massage with this thyme cream promotes your well-being, especially on cold days. The function-stimulating effect gives you a warm body feeling and finally lets you breathe freely again.

No wonder, then, that this herbal cream has been popular as a family classic for decades and is an integral part of the personal first aid kit.

The thyme cream with the plant power of thyme, camphor, eucalyptus and marsh pine is a blessing for the whole family.

  • Skin care for the chest and back
  • ensures a pleasantly warm body sensation
  • promotes your well-being on cold days


Apply the thyme cream on the chest, neck and back and massage in lightly. Achieve optimal effect by applying the cream in the evening.

In combination with the thyme bath essence, the benefit is enhanced accordingly.


Size: 60ml