A classic product of JUST since 1940s, this irreplacable product has no equal in the world due to its unsurpassed efficiency. Valuable oils of arnica, sage and mallow restores, softens and refreshes your feet. The cream quickly eliminates cracks, relieves swelling, fatigue and pain. Wearing heels never look so good!

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This foot cream will help you in no time to beautiful and well-groomed feet. Enjoy the indescribable good feeling, without feeling shameful when removing your shoes!

Say goodbye to dry, cracked skin of the feet! 

Even in the cold season, your feet also benefit from a pleasantly warm foot feeling and remain well protected from painful redness and cracks. Your feet will feel completely comfortable!

Try this JUST Pedi cream straight away! You will find that the cream is pleasant to apply and very fragrant.

The JUST Pedi cream is a high-quality fast-absorbing foot cream with arnica, mallow and sage.

  • invigorates and relaxes the feet
  • Prevents annoying cornea and blistering
  • nourishes the skin sustainably
  • protects it from drying out


Massage your feet regularly in the mornings and evenings or after bathing / showering with a little pedicream and discover how fast you can walk through the life on baby-soft feet.

Size: 30ml