Lavender Cream

Lavender cream is well known for its distinctive smell. Lavender has been widely used to offer quick relief and comfort for burns, eczema dermatitis and skin allergies. This herbal cream is also suitable for children as a mosquito repellent. An excellent addition to your home first aid kit.

Product ID: 2008511

Aromatic gentle cream intensively moisturizes and restores the skin after burns (including sunburn), softens and soothes skin with eczema, allergies, irritation and insect bites. Speeds up the healing of small wounds. Ideal for massage and baby care.

Main benefits:

  • relieves skin irritations
  • supports the keeping away of insects
  • is suitable as a basis for massages and leaves immediately a pleasant feeling of freshness
  • the fragrance of the lavender has a calming effect on an emotional level


Depending on need, apply to the corresponding parts of the body and rub in lightly


Size: 60ml