Lamelloderm Cream

The Lamelloderm cream is ideal for the needs of hypersensitive, dry and allergy-prone skin. This is thanks to its skin-identical lamellar structure which assists in the treatment of skin disorders and helps the skin to restore its natural balance.

Product ID: 2072403

This carefully engineered JUST product is designed to match the natural protective barrier of your skin. This means for you that you put a protective coat on your sensitive skin.

Your skin will sustain more moisture and is supported in the regeneration. The reason for this is the effective combination of heart seed and sweet wood extract. They specifically soothe the itchy and reddened skin and relieve the feeling of tension. The valuable oils of argan, jojoba and black cumin also intensify the care effect. 

The lamelloderm cream is ideal for the daily care of sensitive children's skin. Even with significant barrier disorders, this cream is recommended for therapy-accompanying, classic dermo-cosmetic care of damaged skin.

Dermatologically, the excellent tolerability and efficacy has been confirmed in people with extremely sensitive, atopic skin. You can count on a natural and proven effective JUST product.

The lamelloderm cream, with high-quality and natural active ingredients, focuses on the needs of hypersensitive skin and guarantees demonstrable best compatibility.

  • free from perfume, preservatives and dyes
  • especially suitable for hypersensitive and allergic skin
  • calms itchy and reddened skin
  • promotes the natural self-regeneration of your skin


After showering, apply some lamelloderm cream to the corresponding parts of the body and massage in gently.


Size: 30ml x 2