Garden Cress Cream

The liposomal encapsulated combination of Swiss garden cress and soybean reduces age and pigment spots on the face, hands and the whole body. The nourishing cream base ensures a smooth and delicate feel and also acts as a moisturising agent for the skin. Looking young always!

Product ID: 2008550

With this JUST Garden Cress herbal cream you reduce age spots and hyperpigmentation on the face, hands and on the body and prevent the new formation. This will give you an even complexion.

Your skin is moisturized and thanks you with increased elasticity. The included SPF 15 protects your skin from UV exposure and the resulting melanin production. They prevent the development of wrinkles as well as age and pigment spots.

The active ingredients of this JUST herbal cream are liposomally encapsulated. This means for you that the cream works over a longer period and you can look forward to an even complexion.

The garden cress herbal cream is a mild nourishing cream of Swiss garden cress and soy.

  • Reduces age and pigment spots
  • does not whiten the remaining skin
  • ensures a proper skin appearance
  • protects you from the build-up of hyperpigmentation


Apply the garden cress herb cream morning and evening on the affected skin, especially in large-scale pigmentation. You can cream your entire face, hands and body. The remaining skin around the skin spots will not be brightened.

You can use this JUST herbal cream for daily care. Depending on your skin needs, continue with the usual facial, body or hand care. If you apply the herbal cream on your hands, we recommend re-applying it after each hand wash.


Size: 60ml