Comfrey Cream

The practice of sports and physical activity may generate injuries due to brisk movements, overexertion and straining of muscles and tendons resulting from insufficient training and lack of warm-up. This refreshing creamy-gel with comfrey and arnica tones and relaxes sore muscles and joints while providing a comforting and anti-infl ammatory action. Ideal after sports or physical activity.

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How fast and unexpected it happens so often in life: an overuse of muscles, tendons and joints often lead to acute, unpleasant conditions, whether in sports, at work, home or garden.

Arm yourself and your family with the time-honored plant power of this cream gel. It has a pleasant cooling feel, calms and absorbs immediately. This means you can dress immediately afterwards because the gel leaves no residue . The aroma of the comfrey cream gel evaporates very quickly. So, you can easily use the gel anytime, anywhere.

This cream gel belongs in your first aid kit! So you are well prepared for every acute case!

The Comfrey Cream Gel is a high-quality herbal cream with high content of romaine and arnica extract.

  • Cool immediately
  • has a calming effect like an "ice bag out of the tube”
  • provides intensive skin care of muscles and tendons
  • for your "athlete medicine chest"

Size: 60ml