Camomile Hand Cream

The natural active ingredients in this cream form a “glove effect” through an invisible, non-oily coating that protects the skin from external factors. It strengthens the skin, provides elasticity and restores the youthful appearance of hands. The cream is absorbed quickly and leaves no greasy film.

Product ID: 2008720

With the JUST Camomile hand cream, you look forward - with little effort - over beautiful hands with well-kept nails.

The nail bed is maintained, and your fingernails grow stronger after. The collagen gives you a noticeably better skin elasticity. Your skin feels tight and smooth. This JUST cream absorbs quickly and does not feel greasy. This keeps your clothes free from residues.

Try this JUST Camomile hand cream straight away! You will love how pleasant your beautiful hands feel and leave a remarkable impression with others!

The Camomile hand cream keeps the skin smooth and supple with precious Camomile and St. John's wort oil.

  • makes for beautiful hands
  • Maintains the nail bed and strengthens your fingernails
  • increases skin elasticity
  • smells discreet and desirable


Apply hand cream in the morning before work, after frequent hand washing and before going to sleep to give your hands the best possible care and protection. 

Size: 60ml