Arnica Devil's Claw Frankincense Cream

Arnica cream has a broad and powerful effect on your entire musculoskeletal system. It regenerates and promotes the blood circulation of the skin and muscles which gives a good analgesic effect on bruises, dislocations, sprains and injuries. This trio of plants are considered good companion therapy for chronic inflammatory diseases such as arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Product ID: 2008503

This JUST cream gel is wonderfully soothing and relaxing in a wide variety of unpleasant conditions after physical overuse.

The highly effective plant trio of arnica, devil's claw and frankincense supports the regeneration of overstressed body parts such as the back, hips, knee and ankle, elbows and shoulders.

Their mobility is maintained and increased skin circulation. They feel freer and more dynamic. So you make for pleasant relief and quickly feel fitter, more comfortable and more agile.

The arnica devil's claw incense cream gel is beneficial for the care of your entire musculoskeletal system and gives you pleasure in the movement again.

  • supports regeneration
  • increases skin circulation
  • relaxed in case of physical overuse


Apply the arnica devil's claw incense cream gel several times daily as needed to the desired body parts such as the ankle, back, shoulders, neck, knees, hips, elbows, etc., and massage it in gently.

Size: 60ml