Herbal Mouth Wash

Product ID: 2000717

This mouthwash helps you in 4 ways with your oral care: It combats plaque bacteria, has a calming effect, nourishes and refreshes your mouth.

JUST Herbal Mouth wash prevents the development of tooth decay naturally and without fluorides! Your oral flora remains protected and tooth enamel- destroying acids are neutralized. Even bacteria that settle on the tongue daily are considerably reduced. The extracts of Sanikel and Melisse soothe and strengthen irritated gums, prevent receding gums and bleeding gums in front. In addition, you get with this herbal mouth water in seconds, a refreshing lemon-mint flavor in your mouth. You feel fresh and healthy!

Use this herbal mouth care for your whole family! It is enough for a good 500 applications! A plus for your wallet and your teeth!

The herbal mouth care is a high-quality mouthwash with the plant power of Sanikel, lemon balm, lemon and peppermint.

  • naturally protects against tooth decay
  • prevents bleeding gums and receding gums
  • reduces bacteria significantly
  • ensures a fresh, well-groomed feeling
  • extremely productive



You can use the herbal mouth care several times a day to round off your oral hygiene 

Dilute 7-10 drops of herbal mouthwash with little water before brushing or in between, and rinse mouth and throat thoroughly for about ½ minute, but do not swallow.

Size: 125ml