Tooth Gel & Tooth Paste

For beautiful teeth and healthy strong gums. The dental care kit, with refreshing tooth gel for the day and regenerative toothpaste for the night. Protects you against tartar formation, dissolves bacterial plague, remineralize the enamel and ensures a fresh and clean feeling. 24 hour oral care!

Product ID: 2071229

Night (Tooth Paste, 90ml):

Applied regularly, the mild tooth cream with the tooth-friendly cleaners ensures gentle and yet extremely thorough plaque removal and effectively inhibits the formation of new plaque and tartar.

Enriched with valuable extracts of iris-root and echinacea, the night-time regeneration process of teething and gum is supported. Echinacea outgrowths protect against inflammation, they strengthen sensitive gums and prevent tooth-flesh bleeding.

Main benefits:

  • Iris root extract has a pleasant soothing effect on the oral mucosa
  • sodium fluoride softens the enamel and protects against caries
  • the natural plant extracts keep the mouth-watering in balance

Day (Tooth Gel, 60ml):

The tooth gel helps cleans the teeth thoroughly and gently at the same time without attacking the enamel (low abrasive). Regularly applied, the refreshing tooth lime remover removes plague thoroughly and prevents it from forming again.

Main benefits:

  • Sodium monofluorophosphate hydrates tooth enamel and promotes the development of caries and gingivitis.
  • strengthens the teeth
  • precious minerals and trace elements contained in the mountain spring water prevent de-mineralization of the enamel and regenerate the bacterial balance in the oral cavity
  • extract of lime minerals has a revitalizing effect and lends a long-lasting feeling of freshness to your skin
  • healthy, refreshing special care for the teeth in the morning and in between


Daily, in the evening clean the teeth with the Iris Root toothpaste. 

For the perfect complement to the care of the teeth and mouth, it is advisable during the day to use the lime mint tooth gel.