Oral Spray

Relieves dry mouth and bad breath permanently. Provides a lasting feeling of freshness and intensely moisturizes. Protects your teeth as it is sugar and alcohol free.

Product ID: 2000709-2

Do you have bad breath? Take one to two sprays of JUST mouth spray and you are refreshed! It protects against bad breath and gives a lasting feeling of freshness with a mild, refreshing lemon-mint flavour. So you can chat carefree!

The soothing and mucous protective linseed extract nourishes and moisturizes your oral mucosa intensively. To prevent dry mouth in a natural way and convince when talking. At the same time, the fluoride spray protects your teeth and gives you a good and safe feeling in the mouth!

This JUST oral spray is composed of natural active ingredients and free of sugar and alcohol. It can therefore be used by children from 6 years old. In addition, the mouth spray scores with its sufficiency and enough for 500 applications! You save with full protection!

The JUST Mouth Spray lets instantly and permanently forget the unpleasant sensation of dry mouth and ensures a lasting feeling of freshness.

  • • refreshes and moisturizes intensively
  • • protects your teeth
  • • sugar and alcohol free
  • • extremely productive


Spray one to two sprays into the oral cavity as needed. You can apply the mouth spray at any time and for a long time. Already suitable for children over 6 years.


Size: 20ml