Hair Lotion

The basis for thick, strong hair is the healthy scalp and vital hair roots. Active herbal active ingredients and circulation-promoting effect of rosemary oil preserve the natural protective function of sensitive scalp and strengthens the hair from the roots. It prevents the hair loss and promotes healthy hair growth.


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  • Protects against hair loss, stimulates cell metabolism and promotes the follicle anchoring in scalp
  • Promotes the circulation and nutrients supply to hair roots for strengthened, healthy hair structure
  • Essential Rosemary Oil has a positive effect on scalp vitality, promotes its circulation and stimulates the hair growth
  • Optimizes the moisture balance of scalp and hair
  • Invigorating aromatic composition thanks to Rosemary and Eucalyptus Oil
  • Suitable for all hair types



Evenly apply 2 to 3 times a week to the scalp, after hair wash

After application, massage the lotion into the scalp with circular movements of your fingertips

Do not rinse. Avoid the contact with eyes

To treat the whole head area, spray about 8 times

After that, the hair can be blow-dry and/or styled as usual

Alternatively, apply in the evening to dry scalp, and let it work during the night

Regular application is necessary


Size: 75ml