Shampoo Tea Tree Rosalina

The oils of manuka and rosalina soothes and cares for the sensitive and irritated scalp. Shampoo has a light antibacterial and antiseptic effect which soothes irritated scalp and reduces itching.

Product ID: 2000588

If you have an itchy and reddened scalp, it is very uncomfortable. How good that you can remedy this with JUST shampoo!

It acts bacteriostatic and soothes irritated areas on your head thanks to the three highly effective, natural oils from the tea tree family. The Tea Tree-Manuca-Rosalina Shampoo not only takes care of the gentle cleansing of your hair, but also balances the moisture balance and sebum production of your scalp. Greasy hair and greasy dandruff can be handled as well as redness and annoying itching!

Give your hair healthy vitality. The herbal ingredients give your hair moisture. It rewards you with silky shine, volume and smoothness.

The concentrated Tea Tree Shampoo with Manuca and Rosalina oil soothes and cares for the sensitive and irritated scalp.

  • cleans mild, protects and cares
  • calms irritated scalp
  • helps with greasy hair and greasy dandruff
  • gives your hair suppleness and volume


Put about a teaspoonful of shampoo into your wet hair and massage it into your hair and on your scalp. Let it act for a short time before you rinse it well!


Size: 250ml