Detox Body Peeling

The ALL NEW Body Detox! Leaving your skin smooth, supple and pH balanced!


  • After a contact with water, the peeling transforms into basic formulation. As acids and bases always react to each other, it allows to detach deposed acids and slag from the mostly acidic medium of cells
  • The combination of salt from the Dead Sea and the mineral-rich spirulina stimulates the skin microcirculation, as well as cell renewal and metabolic process
  • Supports the skin regeneration
  • The natural apricot kernel peeling granules additionally help to remove dead skin cells as well as to improve the skin structure and natural charisma
  • Caring oils obtained from avocado and coconut provide a supple and tender feeling on the skin
  • The horsetail, especially the silicic acid contained in, provides a smoother skin
  • At the same time, the skin is provided with precious minerals


One or two times a week, massage in with slightly circular movements, for intense effect to the dry skin, and for soft peeling to the moist skin. Rinse off carefully.