Deo Plus Classic

Filled with a fresh and spicy aromatic note. Sage gives a natural deodorizing effect. The combination of active plant extracts of lemon, lime blossom and yarrow prevents the appearance of sweat odor. With a convenient spray.

Product ID: 2000555

You radiate confidently, if you know that you smell good! With the Deo Plus Classic Sage you have every sweaty encounter under control!

The natural active ingredient sage has a bacteriostatic and sweat-regulating effect. It prevents - together with other active ingredients - efficient and long-lasting unpleasant body odour! Feel fresh for hours! In addition, this JUST Deo is free of aluminium and therefore very skin-friendly. It reduces the bacterial conversion of fresh, odourless sweat into bad-smelling decomposition products without destroying the natural skin bacteria. This means for you a high skin compatibility with a fresh smell.

Thanks to the natural, refreshing deodorization with herbal extracts, this deodorant can be used by women and men. The handy Deo Plus Sage gets along thanks to the atomizer without any fuel gas. So, you can easily do something for the environment!

The Deo Plus Classic sage in a practical pump sprayer provides security for the whole day with a refreshingly bitter scent.

  • free of aluminium
  • has a long-lasting deodorizing effect
  • prevents bothersome body odour


After bathing or showering, spray the Deo Plus Classic Sage on the dry skin of the underarms and let it dry briefly.


Size: 75ml