Skin Functioning Oil

The Skin Functioning oil serves as an ideal care for dry, sensitive skin after showering and bathing as it absorbs quickly and does not stick. As a premium quality skin care oil, it can be used as massage or carrier oil, and is also suitable for baby massages. Its neutral fragrance makes it ideal for mixing with fine essential oils such as the 31 Herbal Oil or Anti stress Oil.

Product ID: 2000510

This JUST skin oil will spoil you twice! Firstly, it nourishes and strengthens dry, sensitive skin. On the other hand, it can be mixed with essential oils and serves as a natural and high quality massage oil. In any case, your skin benefits twice!

Pamper your body and soul with a soothing massage that nourishes your skin and relaxes your soul. The balanced composition of different care oils such as jojoba, lime blossom and St. John's wort oil can be wonderfully applied to your skin, absorbs quickly and does not stick. In addition, it beguiles with a delicate fragrance.

This skin oil is suitable for your whole family. Benefit together from this high quality skin care!

The JUST skin function oil serves as a high-quality base oil for massages and general body care after showering or bathing.

  • high quality massage oil
  • rich in natural care oils
  • absorbs quickly and does not stick
  • free from colorants and preservatives


on general skin care:

Apply some of the skin's essential oil to your body and massage it in. Especially after bathing and showering, it takes care of your skin.

For massages:

This massage oil is excellently suitable as a carrier oil in combination with our essential oils for a sensual aroma massage. Use 40 drops of essential oil on 100 ml of carrier oil.