Sun Lotion Edelweiss Physalis SPF50

Compact protection for the whole body for sun sensitive and untanned skin and also protects against cell damage. It is sweat and waterproof. A trip to the beach for the whole family without worries!

Product ID: 2000962

Your skin is sensitive to the sun or not yet tanned? They often turn red and only slowly brown? Then you know how important a reliable sunscreen is.

The SUN Lotion sunscreen with protection factor 50 contains a balanced UVA / UVB filter system of the latest generation and protects you completely against sunburn. Mineral filters intensify the broadband filters and ensure a well-groomed, elastic complexion. Their cells are additionally protected thanks to the extracts of organically grown edelweiss and yellow gentian and preserved against premature aging of the skin. Your skin thanks you with a smooth complexion that makes you look younger.

This JUST sun care not only protects you, it even looks after you like a body lotion! The moisturizing, light formulation guarantees optimal spreadability, absorbs extremely fast and does not look greasy or sticky. The nourishing oil from rapeseed, Tunga and coconut, give you a comfortable skin feeling during your sun pleasure. So that you can spend the time outdoors carefree and active, the SUN CARE Sun Milk SPF 30 offers you optimal resistance to perspiration and water. So you are completely protected and can actively enjoy the hours of sunshine!

The SUN CARE Edelweiss Physalis 50 specifically protects the sensitive, untanned skin from the sun and gives you a unique skin feel.

  • absorbs extremely fast
  • Moisturises without being greasy or sticky
  • innovative UV protection filters of the latest generation
  • sweat and waterproof


Shake well before use. Generously apply about 20 minutes before sunbathing. Too few quantities reduce the effect considerably. Repeat application several times, especially after heavy sweating, stay in water or dry off. Avoid intense midday sun. Excessive sun exposure is dangerous because even sunscreens with a high SPF do not provide complete protection from UV rays. Avoid contact with your clothes (staining possible). Also make sure that you do not get sunscreen in your eyes.

Tip for avoiding stains:

Allow sunscreen to fully absorb before putting it on.


Size: 125ml