Sun Cream Edelweiss Physalis SPF30

Sun cream is excellent protection for your face from harmful UV rays. It repairs and moisturize your skin. It is sweat and waterproof.

Product ID: 2000960

Your facial skin is sensitive to the sun or not yet tanned? Especially in exposed areas are you fast and often red? Then you know how important good sunscreen is.

This SUN Cream sunscreen with protection factor 30 is your reliable bodyguard for exposed areas such as face, décolleté, hands, forearms, etc. The balanced, photostable UVA / UVB filter system protects you reliably against sunburn. This JUST Suncare from plant extracts like Edelweiss and yellow gentian keeps your skin moisture and elasticity and premature wrinkling is prevented.

This sunscreen can also be excellently applied over your traditional facial care. The smooth texture is easy to spread and absorbs quickly. It is also resistant to sweat and water, That means for you, you are completely protected!

The SUN Cream Edelweiss Physalis SPF 30 protects the still untanned skin especially in sensitive, exposed areas especially facial areas:

  • optimal for sun-sensitive, untanned skin
  • protects against premature aging of the skin
  • thrilled by consistency and scent
  • sweat and waterproof


Apply Sun Cream Edelweiss Physalis SPF30 20 minutes before sunbath generously. Repeat the application if you sweat heavily or after cooling in the water. Avoid the intense midday sun, because sunscreen with high light factor cannot completely protect you from the strong sunlight. For babies and toddlers, use at least SPF 25 sunscreen and cover your loved ones with protective clothing. Avoid eye contact and clothing contact (staining possible).


Size: 30ml