Insect Spray

The spray creates an invisible barrier between you and mosquitoes, flies and other biting insects for up to 6 hours. The formula also includes a tick repellent for a worry-free time in nature.

Product ID: 2000970

The JUST Insect spray offers you comprehensive protection against insects and is extremely skin-friendly. Mosquitoes, flies, brakes and other annoying insects make the fly and you stay rid of painful stings! In addition, this spray keeps ticks away for up to four hours! The effectiveness against ticks was tested by the University of Neuchâtel and found to be good. Benefit from this scientifically proven product and protect yourself from dangerous tick bites! Insect sprays often smell a bit severe. The JUST Insect Lotion is completely different! It smells very pleasant as it contain blends of essential oils. You will like the scent! The natural active ingredients are extremely kind to the skin. That's why you can protect children from 2 years old! Just a few sprays are enough, and you can count on the efficient insect protection. The lotion is therefore ideal for traveling and on the go!

With the Insect spray you can enjoy efficient protection for hours against ticks, mosquitos, flies, brakes, fleas and other annoying insects.

  • • protects you from ticks and insect bites
  • • pleasant in the smell
  • • suitable for children from 2 years
  • • tested by the University of Neuchâtel


Spray evenly on all parts of the skin to be protected and rub them with your hands. For example, we recommend using approx. 6 -7 sprays for the area of the forearm. For facial application, spray some lotion on your hands and spread them sparingly on the face. Avoid eyes and mouth. Do not spray on children's hands. If you also use a sunscreen product, first rub it in and wait at least 20 minutes. Then use the Insect spray.