Hand Gel

Our hands are always expose to germs and bacteria when we shake hands or out in public areas. This gel serves as an anti-bacterial gel, containing extracts of linden and orange that takes care of perfectly clean and groomed hands. The orange aroma omits the usual alcohol scent in hand sanitizer leaving your hands smelling tangy and fresh.

Product ID: 2000724

The pleasantly scented hand gel with skin-lewing extracts of lime blossom and oranges ensures holistically clean and well-groomed hands. At the same time it protects the hand with bacteriostatic effect. So you can use it anytime!

It neutralizes odours on the hands and belongs in every kitchen! With this JUST hand gel you always have a handy solution for gentle cleaning at hand. You and your entire family can use the gel anytime, anywhere and do not need water for the application.

Great for traveling and keeping your hands germ-free always!

The orange lime blossom hand gel is the solution for clean hands wherever you are!

  • ensures clean, well-groomed hands
  • acts bacteriostatic and odour neutralizing
  • smells natural and discreet
  • does not need water


Put some hand gel on dry hands and rub it well!