Eyebright Eyelid Spray

This product is absolutely what you need to protect your eyes from long hours of working on computers & mobile phone screens, exposed to dry air from air-conditioning and pollution. With each spray, the effect lasts for 4 hours and relieves fatigue, pain and eye strain. It doesn't smudge makeup and can be used even with contact lenses. The perfect eye polisher!

Product ID: 2000589

This product is indispensable for those who spend a lot of time working on computers and other means of digital screen devices. Also not forgetting those who spends hours writing, drawing and reading. Eyebright for all!

We get 80% of information about the world around us through sight. The eyes – the most fragile and sensitive among external organs. How much time do you spend looking at the computer, TV and mobile phone screens? How often are you exposed to dry air from air-conditioning, tobacco smoke or even on streets that are heavily polluted by vehicles? Do you notice how your eyes get tired, or even hurt during the day?

Main benefits:

  • Relieves these troubles and helps to preserve the eyesight for a long time
  • Easy to use and without contra-indications, easily relieves painful symptoms, brings relief to fatigue and eye strain
  • Revitalizes the eyes and gives a pleasant feeling of freshness

Due to this, the rate of evaporation of the lacrimal fluid is reduced, the dryness and irritation of the eyes decreases. The effect lasts for 4 hours, but you can use as needed. It does not smudge makeup or cause allergic reactions and it can be used even with contact lenses. 20ml spray bottle is enough for 100 applications (which is 200 sprays).


Close your eyes and spray both areas of the eyes. Keep eyes shut for 15 seconds. Effect last for 4 hours or can be used when needed.