Deo Roll-On Mallow

Mallow roll-on offers a feminine and gentle touch to the skin after hair removal or strong sweating. It soothes and leaves you feeling fresh throughout the day. No sweat!

Product ID: 2000558

Do you like to smell good, but discreet and at the same time you want to benefit from an optimal deodorant protection? With the Deo Roll-on Mallow, it fulfil these needs!

The Deo Roll-on Mallow is particularly mild and hypoallergenic because it works without alcohol. At the same time, the production of sweat is regulated. So you enjoy a long-lasting protection against annoying body odour also during physical activities. The high-quality mallow extract has a calming effect on the skin. Therefore, it is very good after hair removal. Discover the silky feeling under your armpits! This mild deodorant roll-on with the pleasant scent of feminine which is ideal also for teenagers and young women.

You will love this scent!

The Deo Roll-on Mallow provides sensitive skin with long-lasting deodorizing effect with a delicate and feminine fragrance.

  • highly effective in excessive, stress-induced sweating
  • Protects from odor for a long time
  • without alcohol
  • very well tolerated by the skin

Briefly shake the Deo Roll-on Mallow before use and wear / roll it up after body care! Let the deodorant dry briefly.


Size: 50ml