Deo Roll-On Edelweiss

Edelweiss has an anti-inflammatory effect and soothes skin irritations, which can occur as a result of profuse sweating or after hair removal. If you're an active person or an athlete or always on the go, this is definitely the go to deodorant that offers long lasting freshness and protection against unpleasant odors.

Product ID: 2000552

Do you like sporty-fresh scents and at the same time you want to benefit from an optimal deodorant protection? With the Deo Roll-on Edelweiss, it fulfil these needs!

The Deo Roll-on Edelweiss regulates the production of sweat and ensures a long-lasting protection against annoying body odour, even if you are prone to excessive sweating. It cares for your sensitive skin with herbal extracts. The high-quality Edelweiss extract has an anti-irritant effect. This will avoid unpleasant irritation after hair removal. Enjoy your day with a fresh and pleasant skin feeling! The sporty, fresh fragrance is equally appreciated by our JUST customers.

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The Deo Roll-on Edelweiss offers sensitive skin long-lasting protection and safety.

  • highly effective in case of excessive sweating
  • against stress-induced sweating
  • Protects from odour for a long time


Briefly shake the Deo Roll-on Edelweiss before use and wear / roll it up after body care! Let the deodorant dry briefly.


Size: 50ml