Arnica Body Balm

Body Balm fights tiredness, makes you feel relaxed and smooths the skin. An invigorating rub stimulates circulation and prevents bruising. It helps to treat light burns and muscle cramps and with insect bites. This cooling balm has a very refreshing effect and is not greasy.

Product ID: 2000508

The Alpine herbal balm promotes the natural skin circulation and gives a feeling of warmth. It does your stressed muscles well and makes them more powerful! Massage some of the balm on the affected area and feel quickly relaxed and better!

Known as a true all-rounder, the Alpine herbal balm can do a lot more. The gentle aroma of the essential oils makes breathing easier. That means freed airways for you and your family.

Due to its compact consistency, it is well suited for your home first aid kit.

The Alpine herbal balm contains the exclusive JUST alpine herbal extract of alpine rose, edelweiss and yellow gentian as well as a powerful combination of 100% natural essential oils.

  • stimulates the natural skin circulation
  • promotes your well-being on cold days
  • frees your airways


Apply the Alpine herbal balm to your affected body parts and massage it in gently. The effect is improved if the affected body parts are kept warm. Repeat as needed several times a day. Due to the essential oils contact with the mucous membranes should be avoided.

Use the balm only in children over 6 years.


Size: 250ml