Shower Gel Lamelloderm

Lamelloderm Shower cleanses the skin and maintains the skin’s protective barrier and its natural balance. It regulates the moisture balance of the skin and prevents it from drying out. Winter cherry extract soothes the skin, reduces irritations and prevents them from developing.

Product ID: 2000652

The Lamelloderm shower is especially suitable for sensitive, dry and allergic skin . It is free of perfume, preservatives and dyes, silicones and mineral oil. That's why it does justice to your sensitive skin and prevents it from drying out.

The mild surfactant combination cleanses your skin gently. The heart seed extract soothes itching, reduces irritations and prevents their formation. You feel beautiful and comfortable in your skin!

We have thoroughly examined the effectiveness of the Lamelloderm shower. You can count on a natural and effective JUST product. Your skin feels the difference!

The Lamelloderm shower preserves the skin barrier and maintains the natural balance.

  • specializing in the needs of hypersensitive skin
  • free from perfume, dyes and preservatives
  • prevents itching
  • tested for effectiveness


Apply a small amount of lamelloderm shower with a little water in the hand, apply it to damp skin, massage it gently and rinse afterwards. In particularly stressed areas we recommend to apply the lamelloderm cream afterwards.


Size: 200ml