Shower Gel Honey Rice

The immersion bath of honey, rice and milk gives a tender touch to the skin and a comforting scent like a loving hug from Mum. This shower gel has been particularly developed for dry and sensitive skin as it protects, softens and improves the elasticity of the skin which makes it suitable for baby skin.

Product ID: 2000459

With this shower gel you care for your skin with each cleaning. The combination of honey, rice, milk and oats protects your skin from moisture loss. This shower gel will also meet demanding, dry and sensitive skin. It cleanses without irritation and is dermatologically tested.

It feels soft on the skin and smells very fine. They shine in freshness and natural beauty. Even your kids will love it!

Main benefits:

  • cleans gently
  • leaves a skin feeling like creamed
  • counteracts the drying of the skin
  • suitable for sensitive children skin


Apply a hazelnut-sized portion of shower gel to your damp hand, lather up by gently rubbing in the shower gel, then rinse.


Size: 250ml