Relax Bath

A soothing foam bath with extracts of valerian and hawthorn to help you sleep easy. Valerian provides relief from insomnia, calms you down and promotes restful sleep. Hawthorn relieves anxiety and improves your immune system. Cast your worries away and have a sweet dream!

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After a busy day, this relaxing bath will bring you complete relaxation. Approximately half an hour before going to bed, bath immersion helps relieve stress and it is the ideal way to prepare yourself to sleep by calming you down.

The exquisite valerian extract has a soothing effect which triggers sleepiness. It also improves the quality of your sleep. Your children will love the sweet, floral-sweet fragrance and go to bed noticeably relaxed.

The relax bath is completely biodegradable. Excellent for the environment!

Immerse yourself in this frothy feel-good oasis!


Add 1 - 2 caps (10 - 15 ml) to the incoming bath water.

Do you suffer from circulatory problems? We recommend you take warm baths under supervision. 

Recommended is a bathing temperature of about 35 ° C, so that your circulation is little charged. Bathe for about 20 minutes and rest for 20 to 30 minutes after bathing for maximum effect.


Size: 250ml