Bath Essence Thyme

A warm bath with Thyme Bath Essence takes you one step closer to achieving a general sense of well-being when tension builds up in the chest, causing discomfort. This unique bath clears the senses and offers effective comfort when inhaled and pleasantly free the airways. Thyme is said to assist mental concentration, promote intelligence, diminishes the first signs of flu and gives the body the necessary energy to dispel the effects of a hectic day.

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The exceptionally nourishing, rejuvenating thyme bath essence has a wonderfully soothing and liberating effect on your respiratory system. The essential oil blend of thyme, eucalyptus and sage extract ensures a clear head and fresh breath.

The fragrance-intensive vapours of this health bath have a soothing effect and strengthen your natural defences. You will be able to breathe better and feel invigorated. At the same time, your skin is cared for with high-quality almond oil. This makes them supple, tender and is spoiled with moisture.

This JUST bath essence is particularly extensive while fulfilling the needs of your entire family! So, you and your loved ones benefit from 25 health and wellness baths and relax in your own wellness oasis at a high level!

Main Benefits:

  • provides vitality and energy
  • for your whole family
  • extremely extensive and fragrance intensive
  • frees your airways


Add 10 - 20 ml of bath essence to the already filled bath and distribute it in the water. We recommend a bath temperature of 33 - 37 degrees Celsius and a bath duration of at most 20 minutes.

After the bath, rest for 20 to 30 minutes for maximum effect. This bath is good for people over the age of three.


Size: 75ml