Bath Essence Sandalwood

The scents of sandalwood and roses create an enchanting atmosphere and is a powerful aphrodisiac. A wonderful way to spice up your relationship and turning your home into a Love Spa! The exhilarating aroma remains on the skin and leaves skin feeling like velvety silk. Truly an art of seduction!

Product ID: 2000460

The lovely sensual bouquet of this noble bath essence with pure sandalwood oil as well as iris and rose root extracts supports your emotional balance and provides imaginative, sensual moments. Acquired via the respiratory tract, it releases internal blockages and gives a sense of calm and contentment. The precious jojoba oil makes your skin silky soft and moisturizes it sustainably.

Main benefits:

  • provides sensual moments
  • balances emotional fluctuations
  • reconciles body and soul
  • spoils your skin
  • dissolves internal blockages


Add 10 ml of bath essence into a bath of warm water (33-37 degrees). Duration of the bath 20-30 minutes.

You can use the essence as an addition to shower gel.


Size: 75ml