Bath Essence Melissa

The perfect addition to a warm immersion bath at the end of the day to relax daily tensions. The “Melissa” embodies the best that can only be found for the restoration and strengthening during nerve exhaustion, physical fatigue and insomnia. By taking a bath with “Melissa” at night, you can easily relax and fall asleep quickly.

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Sometimes it does not take much to settle down: some time, relaxation and the fragrant atmosphere of a wellness bath with JUST's bath essence. Immerse yourself and feel relaxed and energized. Pamper your body and soul with the high-quality Melissa bath essence.

The high content of nourishing oils from almonds and sunflowers nourishes your skin for a long time. Look forward to a smooth skin feeling! At the same time your soul is touched with soothing, intensely scented essences. You feel relaxed and calm. It helps to improve your quality of sleep.

Main benefits:

  • reconciles body and soul
  • ensures harmonious and relaxed mood
  • extremely extensive and fragrance intensive
  • promotes falling asleep


A bath with Melissa Bath Essence comforts and promotes a good night’s sleep. Combine with a few drops of Anti Stress or Lavender Essential Oil applied behind your ears and on the nape of the neck.


Size: 75ml