Party System

party system

Party system

Party planning, which involves the direct presentation of the JUST brand and its products is a private ambiance, is the core of direct selling in many markets. The JUST brand is presented personally to the customer. The fact that there is a lot of laughter at these parties is all part of it and contributes to the experience of the JUST brand and its values.

How to plan your party?

Obtain this knowledge and more for free from our JUST consultants during SPA presentations. It is a wonderful way to learn lots of new information while having a good time. 

All you need to do is to gather warm company (it could be fun bachelorette party or relaxed meeting with friends) and invite JUST consultants as well. They are knowledgeable in making your leisure gatherings pleasant and informative.

What are the benefits of the party? 

During the SPA presentation, you will be acquainted with the products made with the best natural ingredients from Switzerland - try it and feel the immediate effect on you. 

party system 2

Participants of JUST Swiss Spa presentations are well rewarded with a new mindset of the many ways one can improve your physical well-being and make life more harmonious in a simple and natural way. 

Best part is, all this is for FUN!

How do you get enrol?

You can also share all you have learnt with others by joining our team! 

Through the training provided, you will be able to organise your own JUST Swiss Spa presentations on a regular basis. You not only can increase your income, but also travel to Switzerland. 

For more details, do contact us.