Lavender Spray provides fresh natural fragrance to your wardrobe, keeps moths away and exudes a touch of Provence to your living rooms. The Lavender Spray is a must for any friend of lavender.


  • Gives the laundry a lingering touch of freshness and cleanliness.
  • Repels musty odors from the wardrobe.
  • Keeps moths away from your valuable clothing, refreshing them.
  • When used as a room spray, the Lavande Spray has a pleasant soothing effect.


Shortly spray the Lavande Spray once into wardrobe or drawer. Repeat in regular intervals.

The Lavande Spray is also ideal for perfuming or as a room spray.

The Lavande Spray is high-concentrated and thus should be used sparingly.

Do not spray the Lavande Spray directly on clothing.