Almond Milk

Almond body lotion, a non-greasy lotion that provides emollient and softening properties that help protect the skin’s elasticity by deeply nourishing and moisturising. It also helps to prevent premature aging. Keeps your skin looking vibrant and young!

Product ID: 2000524

The almond care lotion is two in one! You can pamper your body with valuable nourishing ingredients and use the lotion as a gentle make-up remover and facial cleanser. How convenient for you, if you only need one product!

The almond care lotion nourishes, protects and soothes your dry and sensitive skin. This is also well accepted by the sensitive children's skin , which best tolerates mild care and as natural as possible ingredients . The massage-ready almond care lotion is not greasy, penetrates well into the skin and is perfectly tailored to the needs of children's delicate skin. Your children will keep asking for more massage!

The almond care lotion nourishes and soothes sensitive, dry skin thanks to high-quality almond oil and skin-protecting vitamins.

  • ensures velvety skin
  • refines the skin texture
  • ideal for make-up removal on dry skin
  • suitable for child


Shake the almond care lotion always short before use! This lotion is perfect for your facial cleansing. Apply a little lotion on the face and neck, spread them by massaging the lotion and remove the rest with a cotton ball. For body care and massages, apply the care lotion and massage it in gently.