5 Incredible Benefits of Sandalwood & Rose Bath Essence

by Khalil Adis
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While it may be Valentine’s Day round the corner, perhaps the greatest love of all is the ability to love yourself unconditionally by embracing your own uniqueness, warts and all. Here’s why you should #loveyourself and indulge in the Sandalwood & Rose Bath Essence.

We live in a society that judges us mostly at face value and social media is helping to amplify that. From what to wear to the ideal body types, it can be hard to feel comfortable in your own skin when we are constantly bombarded with such images as though you are not measuring up to society’s expectations. In fact, it can make us feel much worse about ourselves. Well, stop right there and take a step back in the shower to experience the wonders of Sandalwood & Rose Bath Essence. Here are its five healing benefits.



Instant pick-me-up

#1 Instant pick-me-up:

This mood enhancing herb helps to instill calmness and relaxation by balancing fluctuating emotions. Sandalwood is also a great sedative that has been used to treat anxiety, fear, stress and restlessness. What results are calmness, concentration, inner vision and positive thoughts, making it an instant pick-me-up the next time you are feeling blue.

Lowers blood pressure

#2 Lowers blood pressure

Sandalwood has a calming effect that lowers your blood pressure and has been used to treat patients suffering from hypertension. This immediately lowers your heart rate and calms you down.

Fights depression

#3 Fights depression

The beauty of rose cannot be measured and is the stuff legends and myths are made of. Considered one of the most beautiful and romantic flowers in the world, who knew rose oil has surprisingly many benefits too? For one, it fights depression by boosting your self-esteem, confidence and mental strength. So the next time you’re feeling down or anxious, take time to inhale the sweet smell of rose in the shower.

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#4 Great for the skin

Not only are rose and sandalwood oil great for your well-being, they are also beneficial for your skin. For instance, sandalwood oil has a soothing effect and relieves your from inflammation and irritation. A natural disinfectant, it cures infections and keeps you feeling fresh and cool. Meanwhile, rose oil is great for reducing scars, blemishes and stretch marks due to its potent antioxidant quality. In fact, rose is considered one of the best oil for great looking skin that will leave you with a soft, velvety sheen.

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#5 A natural aphrodisiac

This quality makes rose is the perfect ending to your shower, especially when you start to feel good about yourself. Have you ever wondered why rose has become an ubiquitous symbol during Valentine’s Day? This is because rose oil is a natural aphrodisiac and for good measure too! For example, it has the ability to arouse you, boosts your libido and therefore invoke romantic feelings. Start off your romantic evening in the right way with this natural aphrodisiac.