Fine particles of bamboo and rose leaves gently exfoliates dead cells and removes dirt thus freeing blocked pores. Your skin can now breathe freely!

Product ID: 2000389

Creamy facial exfoliant with extract of edelweiss. Provence rose, musk rose and almond oil. Suitable for all skin types. The fine, micronized bamboo and rose petal peeling particles gently remove dirt particles and dead skin cells. Reduces enlarged pores for a clear, fresh and radiant complexion.

Main benefits:

  • Fine micropeeling particles of bamboo and of rose leaves, integrated in mild cleansing substances gently free the skin from impurities such as residues of cream and make-up and dead skin cells
  • Blocked pores are freed, and the development of blackheads prevented
  • As a result of the removal of the cornified skin cells, the cell division of the upper skin layers is renewed more quickly. The gentle massage effect during application also promotes the microcirculation of the skin
  • The smooth formulation with almond seed and castor oil already pampers the skin during use and moisturises it


  • Use once a week after the cleaning
  • Gently spread a pea-size amount on the moist skin of the face with circular massage movements
  • Rinse off thoroughly with plenty of lukewarm water
  • Avoid contact with the eyes

Size: 50ml