Makeup Remover

Based on natural rose water which does not leave the skin feeling greasy nor does it dry the skin out. After a long day, a clean and fresh face is best way to go!

Product ID: 2000387

The VITAL JUST Make-up Remover eliminates makeup gently but effectively. The special 3in1 formula for face, eyes and lips is based on an ultra-gentle micelle culture that captures dirt particles and gently detaches them from the skin. Even water-proof makeup can be removed with ease. High-quality active ingredients such as Damascene rose water, edelweiss and rose extract as well as allantoin have a cell-generating effect, sooth skin irritations, refine complexion and are extremely kind to sensitive skin.

Main benefits:

  • It does not leave the skin feeling greasy; nor does it dry the skin out
  • Particularly suited for sensitive skin
  • Cleansing and clarifying
  • Free of perfumes. The fragrance is based on natural rose water
  • pH-neutral
  • The skin can breathe better and is prepared for the subsequent skincare


  • Put some VJ Make-up Remover on a pad of cotton wool and spread over the areas of the skin
  • Repeat until there are no residues of make-up any more on the pad of cotton wool. Do not rinse with water afterwards
  • Store away from sunlight and warmth

Size: 150ml