Hydro Gel

Suitable for those with big pores and oily & combination skin! It minimizes the pores, moisturizes deeply and smoothens skin tone. Say goodbye to big pores!

Product ID: 2000393

Intensively moisturizing, refreshing gel for all skin types. Especially suitable for combination or oily skin. Contains the Alpine Moisture Complex comprising edelweiss and Swiss glacier water, hyaluronic acid and African yellow wood extract. The smooth formulation is quickly absorbed, refines the pores and ensures a regular, optimally hydrated but shine-free skin texture.

Main Benefits:

  • Protects lower-lying layers of skin against loss of moisture. 
  • Reduces dryness wrinkles and prevents their development
  • Makes the skin feel pleasant, smooth and soft. 
  • The skin looks clearer and pores are refined
  • Perfectly cares the stressed skin


After thorough cleansing, apply VITAL JUST Cleansing Gel to your face and neck in the mornings and evenings and massage gently.

For normal to dry skin types: Apply the VITAL JUST Hydro Gel as a moisturizing day cream!

For dry to very dry skin types: Especially during the cold season, when the skin is additionally strained, and the hydro lipid coat gets out of balance, we recommend applying the Hydro Gel as an additional care to the VITAL JUST Day Cream and VITAL JUST Night Cream.

For oily skin and combination skin: Since the hydrogel contains less lipid-containing raw materials, it can also be used ideally on these skin types.


Size: 50ml