Face Tonic

The VITAL JUST Face Tonic clarifies the skin deep down in the pores and moisturizes immediately. The fragrance is based on natural rose water. Prepares the skin well for subsequent skincare.


Product ID: 2000386

The VITAL JUST Facial Tonic effectively deep-cleanses the skin, eliminating excess sebum and impurities. As it is applied, the skin is moisturized and this together with the toning effect creates a radiant complexion and a pure, fresh appearance. It gently balances the oily and drier areas of the skin. Especially suitable for both sensitive and combination skin. The pleasant fragrance is based on natural rose water.

Main Benefits:

  • Clarifies the skin deep down in the pores
  • Moisturises immediately
  • Has an antiseptic effect
  • Refines the appearance of the skin and reduces the pores
  • Toning effect to make the skin feel pleasant
  • Particularly also suitable for sensitive skin


  • For clarification deep down into the pores, soak a pad of cotton wool with the Face Tonic in the morning and evening and move over the face, applying gentle pressure. Cleanse forehead, chin and nose or corners of the nose in particular. 
  • Do not rinse with water afterwards
  • Store away from sunlight and warmth

Size: 150ml